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This website titled is the official website of the Indian Institute of Bioinformatics (IIB) inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of the World Environment Day on 5th June 1991 by the Prime Minister of India Hon’ble Shri Chandra Shekhar. The activities of the IIB include training, research, publications, conference organizations and consultancy in the areas of bioprogramming, genetic engineering, molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, structural bioinformatics, biocomputing languages, bioinformatics software, algorithmic bioinformatics etc.

During the last 23 years of its existence, the IIB has organised many seminars, symposia, conventions, congresses and summits on different subjects relating to bioinformatics. The IIB has brought out the 10 Volume International Encyclopaedia of Bioinformatics (IEB) with the following titles :

Volume 1 : Bio Programming Languages

Volume  2 : Genetics

Volume 3 : Statistical Methods and DBMS

Volume 4 : Molecular Biology and Bio Chemistry

Volume 5 : Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology

Volume 6 : Structural Bioinformatics

Volume 7 : Biocomputing Languages

Volume 8 : Bioinformatics Software

Volume 9 : Algorithmic Bioinformatics

Volume 10  : Computational Biology

The price of the Encyclopaedia is Rs. 20,000 for the entire set.

Those interested in acquiring this Set of Encyclopaedia may place the order immediately by contacting the following address:

The Chairman
Indian Institute of Bioinformatics

A 14-15-16, Paryavaran Complex
South of Saket
New Delhi - 110030
Tel. : 011-29533801, Fax : 011-29533514

Email : [email protected]  l  Website : 

Other Publication

The Indian Institute of Bioinformatics (IIB) has also come out with new publications for the benefit of scientists, researchers, industrial houses, pharmaceutical industries, bioinformatics organizations and companies, hospitals and medical laboratories. The following is the illustrative but not exhaustive list of topics :


1.        Introduction to Bioinformatics

2.        Sequence Analysis

3.        Genome Annotation

4.        Computational Evolutionary Biology

5.        Comparative Genomics

6.        Genetics of Diseases

7.        Analysis of Mutations in Cancer

8.        Gene and Protein Expression

9.        Structural Bioinformatics

10.     Prediction of Protein Structure

11.     Network and Systems Biology

12.     Molecular Interaction Networks

13.     High-throughput Image Analysis

14.     High-throughput Single Cell Data Analysis

15.     Biodiversity Informatics

16.     Web Services in Bioinformatics

17.     Bioinformatics Workflow Management System

18.     Flow Cytometry Bioinformatics

19.     Computational Genomics

20.     Health Informatics

21.     Computational Bio-Modelling

22.     Functional Genomics

23.     Phylogenetics

24.     Proteomics

25.  Intelligent Bioinformatics


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